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Let's Live Natural, Let's Take Care of Water!



What does Biodegradable mean?

Biodegradability is the process that is carried out by elements that decompose in a short term naturally and ecologically, turning into food for our ecosystem and preserving the environment.

How is bíozcol made?

BÍOZCOL Soaps are made with natural anionic surfactants, bicarbonate, vinegar and fragrances; that help to take care of the water, protect the environment and keep your home clean and with a pleasant smell.

  • Natural anionic surfactant:

They are used to separate dirt from any type of surface.

  • Sodium bicarbonate:

Removes oil and grease stains, cleans, deodorizes, softens.

  • Vinegar:

Deodorizes, removes lime, polishes, cleans, removes tartar and mold.

Natural and concentrated

The BÍOZCOL product line is created with natural, biodegradable and environmentally friendly elements.

Our soaps are concentrated and perform much more than other usual brands.

  • 1 1000 mL bottle of the Multi-Purpose Liquid Soap performs 8 times more in cleaning dishes and the kitchen, as well as removing fat quickly and efficiently.

  • 1 1000 mL bottle of Liquid Multipurpose Soap performs 12 times more in cleaning bathrooms and floors, removes adhering dirt, lime and keeps the floor and faucets shiny.

  • 1 1000 mL bottle of the Multi-Purpose Liquid Soap performs 50 times more in cleaning glasses, mirrors, tables and all types of surfaces, keeping them dust-free for longer.

  • 1 1000 mL bottle of Liquid Laundry Soap yields 25 washes, contains natural fabric softener and leaves a pleasant floral scent.

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